Editor:  In the aftermath of our Annual Church Meetings, David Pickup,

a solicitor, considers church wardens…


Time to pray for your church wardens


O Lord, …we beseech Thee to bless all who, …give themselves to the

service of their fellow worshipers. Endue them with wisdom, patience and courage to strengthen the weak and raise up those who fall… that they may worthily minister in Thy Name to the suffering, the friendless and the needy… Amen

(Prayers  from the C of E)


Churchwardens have a vital and historical role in the life of the church. They are elected by the parish, not just the members of the church. Anyone in the parish can vote for them, not just people on the church’s electoral roll.

So, if you want to be a churchwarden, just invite your neighbours on the day of the parish meetings in church!


Wardens used to have a significant role in the wider life of the parish with responsibilities for charity, poor relief and even bridges and roads.


Their church duties today include:

Maintaining order and decency in the church and churchyard,

Especially during the time of divine service

Being entrusted with the property of the church

Having a duty to cooperate with the vicar

Encouraging parishioners in practice of “true religion”


Quite a job! These are their legal duties, but I also like the prayer above as it reminds us to pray for them to seek God’s will, not theirs or ours, but God’s, and to strengthen the weak and encourage the fallen.


They may feel most of the time that they are weak and have fallen, but they are equipped with our support and prayers to look after other

people who need strength or support – which is probably most of us at times!


Time to Pray for your Church Wardens