If you would like to attend a service in church it is IMPORTANT TO BOOK IN ADVANCE by contacting Mike Parkes (, Tel: 01564 783189).   This allows us to prepare a socially distanced seating plan in advance and gives us early warning if a service is oversubscribed.


Ash Wednesday, 17th February
– 10am   Said Eucharist (John 8: 1-11)

Sunday 21st February – First Sunday of Lent
– 11am     Shortened Parish Eucharist (Mark 1: 9-15)

Sunday 28th February – Second Sunday of Lent
– 8.30am Said Eucharist  (Mark 8: 31-38)
– 11am     Shortened Parish Eucharist  (Mark 8: 31-38)

Sunday 7th March – Third Sunday of Lent
– 11am     Family Service (John 2: 13-22)

Sunday 14th March – Mothering Sunday
– 8.30am Said Eucharist  (Luke 2:33-35)
– 11am Family Service for Mothering Sunday  (Luke 2: 33-35)

Sunday 21st March – Fifth Sunday of Lent
– 11am   Shortened Parish Eucharist (John 12: 20-33)

Sunday 28th March – Palm Sunday 
– 8.30am Said Eucharist  (John 12: 12-16, Mark 15: 1-39)
– 11am     Shortened Parish Eucharist  (John 12: 12-16, Mark 15: 1-39)

Tentative Plan for Holy Week and Easter, dependant on Covid regulations in April
– Maundy Thursday (1st April) – 7.30pm Eucharist
– Good Friday (2nd April) – 10.30am Family Service, and possibly 7.30pm Choral Service
– There will only be an Easter Eve service if Covid restrictions have been greatly reduced.
– Easter Day (4th April) – 11am Festival Eucharist

WEDNESDAY MORNING EUCHARISTS in the Lady Chapel at St Mary’s

These are planned for:
– 17th February 2021 – there will be a bigger Said Eucharist in the nave for Ash Wednesday.
– 3rd March
– 17th March (St Patrick)
– 31st March (Wednesday in Holy Week)