INDIVIDUAL PRAYER:  The church building is unlocked from 9am to 5pm each day for individual prayer.  No shared resourses (bibles, prayer books, prayer cards) are available in church so visitors may wish to bring their own.  We ask visitors to:

  • to wear a facemask in church  (this is a legal requirement)
  • to sanitise hands on arrival and departure from church
  • to place a sheet of coloured card to indicate where they sat, so we know where to clean
  • to observe social distancing (2 meters between houshold groups)
  • to touch as few surfaces as possible while in church

MAIN SUNDAY SERVICE:  This is 11am and usually live streamed.  It is IMPORTANT TO BOOK IN ADVANCE if you wish to attend a service in church by contacting Mike Parkes (, Tel: 01564 783189).   This allows us to prepare a socially distanced seating plan in advance and gives us early warning if a service is oversubscribed.  Arrangements are as for individual prayer, but there is no requirement to place a coloured card; instead we ask worshippers to sit in specific places identified by purple cards.

OTHER SERVICES: On some Sundays at 8.30am, at 10am on some Wednesdays, and on other festival days there are Said Eucharist services in the Lady Chapel.  It is important to book in for these services, as above.  As for individual prayer, we ask worshippers to mark their seat with a sheet of coloured card.

FUNERALS:  These can be arranged, for up to 30 people present.  Please contact the Rector.

WEDDINGS:  The restrictions on wedding should ease over the summer.  Contact the Rector for details.

BAPTISMS/CHRISTENINGS:  These can take place as elements of communal worship, and on a stand alone basis from 17th May 2021.  There are certain special measures in place.  Please contact the Rector.

ONLINE PRAYER: The Church of England has made some simple prayers for the moment available here.  There is also the opportunity to prayerfully light a virtual candle.

RISK ASSESSMENTS:  Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on 4th January the choir has been suspended.  We use a seating plan with 2 meters between households.  This reduces the church’s capacity to approximately 26 households.  Care is taken with social distancing on arrival and departure from church.  The January 2021 COVID 19 Risk Assessment was complted CofE templete.  St Mary’s policies about opening the church will kept under review, especially when government or CofE guidance changes.

GUIDANCE:   St Mary’s Lapworth follows the COVID-19 guidance published by the Church of England.  This guidance is regularly updated. Please see the latest CofE guidance here.  We also follow guidance published by the Diocese of Birmingham, which can be found here. Among other things, the guidance given by the Church of England and the Diocese of Birmingham affects what local churches can and can’t do in repect of baptisms, weddings, funerals and churchyard burials.